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Create professional telephone and photograph directories/directory
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29 October 2002

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Create professional telephone and photograph directories/directory.

Features: ABCFastDirectory lets you create professional looking directories. It can be made to resemble a phone-book or the directory can show the hierarchy of your church, sports or whatever kind of organization you may belong to. Layout is what this program can easily take care of and this is set by some simple processes.The software saves you time, frustration and the technical knowledge of having to do everything manually. What you need to only worry about is how many photos should go on a page, how many columns of print or what font and font size to be used. Easily create professional looking directories you can share with friends, church members and other members of your organization. You`ll be able to export the directory as an image, PDF or even print it out.

With a print preview feature in the software, it is able to let you customize and enhance layouts. The utility allows you to export directories to image files (similar to creating a PDF) to take to a printer, or uploading to a website. You can import/export data from popular applications such as Microsoft Excel printing of professional text directories or graphical directories with photographs becomes so much easier. Autosave feature saves you a lot of hassles, should anything go wrong. Directories help you locate details about individuals at a glance, through columns and an easy to navigate interface. Installation is simple as is actually using th software.

Overall: A handy application for a very niche application and is easy to use.

Publisher's description

ABCFastDirectory allows you to easily create professional looking
directories in minutes! You can create telephone-like directories, or
directories with family photographs for church groups, softball clubs, or
other organizations! You don't have to worry about complicated layout,
instead you can easily set how many pictures per page, how many
columns you want, what type of font, and more! If you have extra
functionality you wish for/require, please contact us with your needs.
Version 1.0
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I cannot believe I spent 100.00 on this piece of garbage, will not print, or take any info. The company never answers!
The software works, but isn`t user friendly. Customer service is a joke. I`ve contacted them with simple tech questions and to replace a product key and have never even received a response. I would never purchase this product again. Please don`t.
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